about clara luzia

Clara Luzia is a musician from Vienna/Austria who started writing and performing in the early 90s, and founded her first band Alalie Lilt in 1999.

In 2005 she leaves the band and starts working on her original material with producer Alexander Nefzger. Her full length CD "Railroad Tracks" is released on Clara's newly found label Asinella Records in 2006, followed by 2007's "The Long Memory" which gains Clara Luzia the Austrian Music Award AMADEUS.

Her 2009 release "The Ground Below" gaines her another two AMADEUS nominations, as well as massive radio airplay in Germany and Austria.

In 2010 Clara takes a short break to reorganise her live-set-up which then consists of Heidi Dokalik (cello, backing vocals), Ines Perschy (drums, backing vocals), and Max Hauer (piano, bass, guitar). The four piece records the album "Falling into place" which again is very well received by the media, and the audience in Austria and Germany, but also brings the band to countries such as France, Slovakia, and Belgium.

In autumn 2012 the music documentary "Oh yeah, she performs" by director Mirjam Unger with Clara starring alongside fellow musicians Gustav, Luise Pop, and Teresa Rotschopf aka "O" screens in cinemas in Austria and Germany.

In April 2012 Clara Luzia and her band plus newest addition pauT on clarinet and bass record the self-produced album "We are fish" - released on march 1 2013.

In June 2013 Clara and the band play a session for Marc Riley on BBC6/UK. 

In fall 2013 Ines Perschy leaves the band, Catharina Priemer takes over the drums. 

In 2014 Clara and drummer Catharina provide the title track "Sinnerman" for Austrian award wining Western "The dark valley" (directed by Andreas Prochaska). 

2015: Clara writes and performs music for Bernd Liepold-Mosser's play "Lavant!" at Stadttheater Klagenfurt.

Luzia's critically acclaimed recent album "Here's to Nemesis" (produced by Julian Simmons) is released on October 9 2015. It is nominated in 3 categories for the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

2017: Monja Art's award wining coming-of-age drama "Siebzehn" (Seventeen) hits screens in Austria and Germany as well as festivals worldwide. Clara Luzia, drummer Catharina Priemer and bassist pauT play themselves in a short concert scene. 

In July 2017 a new single called "Mood Swing" is released on Asinella Records.